concept of electronic payment systems

concept of electronic payment systems

Management Information Sys
We will be meeting with the attorney, Lexus Lawler, who is handling the IPO next week. In order to complete the required documents, she needs certain information regarding our plans for growth. Accordingly, she is interested in our e-commerce strategies. Please prepare a presentation using any appropriate presentation software (PowerPoint, Prezi, Animoto, etc.) to prepare a 10 minute presentation describing the following aspects of our e-commerce plan.

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concept of electronic payment systems
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Begin by explaining how e-commerce and m-commerce are becoming more prevalent in today’s society and how these technologies can help us to expand and grow our business. Make sure you also address potential issues we may face implementing our plans. This includes things such as security, accessibility, etc.

Next, considering our current infrastructure, explain the components necessary for successful ecommerce and m-commerce implementation. This can include hardware and software. You may recommend specific items, or present information about what types of software and hardware we may need.

Finally, explain the concept of electronic payment systems and identify a minimum of three such systems (i.e. PayPal) that we will want to consider when selecting the appropriate solution for our company. Make sure you explain why you chose each system and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Ms. Lawler will be sharing the presentation with members of her firm, one of whom is deaf, so please make sure you include a full transcript with your presentation. Your transcript should be in APA format.