Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of audit planning financial

Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of audit planning financial

The purpose of this project is for audit students to demonstrate an understanding the basic principles of audit planning financial statement analysis, and internal control assessment. You will be given a simulated company (Overlook Video Store) that has some audit, internal control and accounting issues.

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Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of audit planning financial
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You assume the role of auditor at Hartford and Hartford CA firm will prepare an

individual report to address these issues (details below)

Your report should be 5 pages without the cover and content page.

Individual assignment- This is an individual assignment. All reports will be

submitted to a plagiarism checking service. Any student caught plagiarizing

another student’s work (past, present or at another institution) will receive a mark of zero.


This project is worth 10% of your overall grade.

See the separate assignment grading rubric document.

Formatting requirements:

Reports must be typed, using Arial 12-point font, double-spaced, single sided

paper with 1-inch margins. Also, additional formatting of responses will be

required as outlined below. Failure to follow these requirements will result in a

10% reduction in grade.

Part I- Audit risk assessment

Prepare an overall risk assessment for the December 31, 2005 audit of Overlook

Video Store. Your risk assessment should include:

1. Assessment of inherent risk

2. Assessment of overall control risk

3. An assessment of fraud risk

4. Discussion of the type of audit approach that should be taken

5. A discussion of the various levels of materiality and users

6. Overall conclusion about audit risk, materiality and audit approach.

Part II- Analysis of the Movies by mail internal controls

Refer to Exhibit III of the case. Nick Nightingale has produced a summary of the systems surrounding new “Movies by Mail” division. Please analyze these

systems and identify and Weaknesses in Internal Control, Implications of those

weakness and provide a recommendation on how to remedy the weakness.

You should format your discussion as bullet points using the following headings:

Weakness identified:

Implication of the weakness:

Recommendation to fix the weakness:

Your analysis should consider only 4 weaknesses, implications and

recommendations. Anything more than 4 will not be reviewed.