Organize International Business Activities

Organize International Business Activities

When international enterprises begin operations in other countries, decisions related to organizing their business activities are needed. To gain a wider perspective for these decisions, companies frequently use cross-cultural teams.

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Organize International Business Activities
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To organize international business activities using information from various regions of the world.

Activity/ Question

Locate examples of laws that affect business activities and international business trade in your region. How do these compare with business regulations in other areas of the world?

Region: Asia


Organize International Commercial Activities

When multinational corporations begin operations in other countries, they must make decisions about how to organize their operations. Companies frequently use cross-cultural teams to gain a broader perspective on these decisions.


To plan international business activities by utilizing information from various parts of the world.


Find examples of local laws that affect business activities and international trade in your area. How do these compare to other countries’ business regulations?

Asia is a region.