Personal Essay for College Application

Personal Essay for College Application
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A trip into my room will immediately capture one’s attention to one phrase that I live by, which is “Getting beat is one thing – it’s part of competing – but I want no part in losing.” This motto has been an important reminder to encourage me every day as I wake up to face the world while making myself a better individual. However, this motto has come from consistent growth in my personal life.
I have lived in Georgia, the United States, for two years. Nevertheless, I was brought up in Turkey, with my origin being Afghanistan. My first bad experience is how we came into the country by smuggling, ending up as refugees. The cold, the darkness, and walking for over 14 hours would be very difficult. I watched a woman give up on her life during this journey, and she died without completing the journey. The cold and darkness had taken a toll on the woman, and from that point, I understood how human beings are different and that our hearts will be defeated by many things in this world, even those that one does not expect. Whatever defeats us primarily lies in the choices we make. The tired but hopeful eyes from my family, especially my parents, just demonstrated how never giving up was never an option for us. We looked forward to a better life in Turkey which would be attained if we completed this journey. Ultimately, it was successful.
My life in Turkey was not the best considering that I was in a completely different environment with different languages and people from different backgrounds and cultures. My interaction with the Turkish community was very challenging. However, I worked so hard to move from the immigrant shell and realize that this environment allowed me to have a different experience. It is important to note that the shift to Turkey was also not easy for my parents, who needed to care for my elder brother and me. They struggled to ensure that our needs were met, but there were still no consistent employment opportunities. While it was difficult, I believe that my Turkey experience allowed me to understand that our lives are entirely reliant on our choices. After some time, my family’s case to move to the United States, and I recall it was one of the happiest moments of our lives. Our hope was renewed again, and we were going to live the American dream. We moved to the United States, a better option for our family. I remember breathing again since my parents were now better positioned to live more fulfilling lives.
As asserted earlier, this motto has come from the intentional decision to see myself grow in various aspects of my life. Over time, I would learn of my innate characteristics and abilities. I am a very quiet, serious, conscientious, and hard-working individual. I tend to be very practical and realistic when I assess various situations. I am keen on details. My close ones have asserted that I have a very good memory that remembers even the most minute details and facts on matters relating to people and our interactions with them. This is evident in how I have described my Turkey experience. Despite being a very young girl, I still remember most of my life there. One personal thing that resonated with me is that many people try to create a better life. It was very challenging that I considered it a bad dream considering that not many of these trials become successful.
My current personal life is focused on creating presents that I enjoy and will never regret. Sometimes, I could easily be passed from enjoying different moments as I tried to look for the details. I could easily lose sight of the possibilities easily seen from the surface. My careful and thorough nature will sometimes overwhelm me, considering that I am constantly typing to learn new skills. However, I am learning to take a breather and understand that not everything can be done at once. My quiet nature also impeded my interaction with others due to my fear of disturbing them. While I try to do it all, considering the faith I have in myself, I also want to learn to work with others since human interactions are very important for the growth of anyone. However, in these human interactions, I am working on ensuring that I do not always put the needs of others before my own since I may not attain the fulfillment I want in my life. Therefore, I want to be assertive to avoid being taken advantage of by inconsiderate persons. Even as I work on not being in any tension and conflict, I must develop the right skills to develop my human interactions.
I have grown to also make my decisions from the point of view that considers how I am feeling and my values. However, this process could easily derail me from identifying the logic of the decision. My hope for the future is to delve into the technology field and eventually grow to become a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to one of the promising technology companies. I believe in my nature. The knowledge I obtain and the skills that I learn will help me get to the highest ranks I want in my life.

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