Personal Statement

I was a Secretary with my boss. What I should do in this job is appointment scheduling and time measuring. What I think is a very meaningful experience is because of that job. I need to make sure all the appointments time is going right and also set enough time for the traffic and also the time has to be good with customers, too. That makes me have a hard time in the situation. I made some mistake that when I finished one appointment I couldn’t catch the next one on time. After that I went to the appointment with my boss and checked what kind of appointment needed about how much time to finish. In this experience I learned how to set the schedule right.

I have a work that helps a psychologist. My work is to serve all the people who come to his office and help him collect all the data. And when my boss leaves, ask what their problems are and have a short communication with them, after that make an appointment for them with my boss. I think the hardest thing for me is to communicate with those patients because they are not that easy to talk, and some of those people will ignore me, when first time to do it I feel very scared , so that when I make other people have appointments with him, I just need to tell my boss the time and who he needs to meet with, after that I will help him to schedule on.

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Personal Statement
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I have working experience as an online salesman. And those time I think is very challenge for me, In those time I meet lot of kinds people, someone who just looking for the product, will have some people how are doing the same business as you to check your price, that is real hard to find out who are your real customer. The hardest things is to solve the bad review. When I send my product out I will check if the product is working good or not, then package it and send it out. But I still heard some bad news from customers. I learned that if a customer has a negative comment, first you need to apologize for everything, then positively help them to solve the problem.


I worked as a secretary for my boss. What I should do in this job is schedule appointments and measure time. Because of that job, I’ve had what I consider to be a very meaningful experience. I need to make sure that all of the appointments are on time, that there is enough time for traffic, and that the time is also acceptable to the customers. That makes the situation difficult for me. I made a mistake in that after finishing one appointment, I couldn’t make the next one on time. After that, I went to my boss’s appointment and inquired about the type of appointment and how much time it would take to complete. This experience taught me how to create a schedule.