Program Authorization and Funding

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Unit 6

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Program Authorization and Funding
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• Selling the Program: Authorization and Funding
You have a great new idea for a program to address a community problem and have taken time to assess local need and draft a preliminary plan.
As you draw your plans, you recognize that this program will need people and products to provide services. Once you start looking at those needs, you begin to develop a potential operating budget and can project start-up costs. The new program must also comply with current laws and strive to provide innovation, best practices, and culturally competent practices. Ultimately you realize that you will need support and funding to launch this program.
In this unit’s readings and discussions, you will learn about issues regarding garnering support and securing funding.

Use the Capella library to read the following:
• Brown, V. (2015). Using the social ecological model to inform community needs assessments. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, 107(1), 45‒51.
• Kavanagh, S., Shiell, A., Hawe, P., & Garvey, K. (2020). Resources, relationships, and systems thinking should inform the way community health promotion is funded. Critical Public Health,1‒11.
• Weist, M. D., Goldstein, J., Evans, S. W., Lever, N. A., Axelrod, J., & Schreters, R. (2003). Funding a full continuum of mental health promotion and intervention programs in the schools. Journal of Adolescent Health, 32(6), 70‒78.
Use the Internet to read the following:
• State of New York and Department of Health. (2001). Locating and applying for health promotion funds [PDF].

Unit 6 Discussion 1
Garnering Support
As you are planning your new program, you need to identify key stakeholders to enlist support to validate your cause or professional abilities to launch this program.
In this discussion, identify multiple stakeholder groups. State how their support validates your program and describe your strategy for gaining their support. Discuss which local government agency or department would be the primary stakeholder for hosting the new program that you are designing for this week’s assignment. Support your choice with rationale and literature from the field.
Response Guidelines
Respond to two peers, supporting your assertions with credible sources; websites and newspapers would be appropriate for this discussion. Your writing must comply with APA style and format and be consistent with expectations for the human services profession.
In each response, evaluate your peer’s list of stakeholders and approaches to garner support. Discuss whether these approaches address diversity, inclusion, and ethics.
• Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.
• Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals.
• Evidence and APA.

Unit 6 Discussion 2
Securing Funding
While your new program may be able to do some good with donations and volunteers, most new programs need start-up funds. In this discussion, present two options for securing funding for your program, their requirements for application, and the utility of the cost-benefit analysis in this process.
Response Guidelines
Provide well-supported responses to two peers, which may include references to your required readings and other credible sources. Your writing must comply with APA style and format and be consistent with expectations for the human services profession.
In each response, critique the choice of funding options in relation to the program. Considering the stakeholder perspective of the funder, how well does the new program align with the funder’s areas of interest and mission? Recommend another option for securing funding, along with a rationale for it.
• Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.
• Evidence and APA.

Program Authorization and Funding

Program Authorization and Funding
Unit 6 Discussion 1
A stakeholder-based approach and engagement in community programs is essential, especially in building trust, transparency, promoting responsibilities, building capacity, and improving decision-making based on stakeholders’ diversity (Ceptureanu, et,al.,2018). The main stakeholders or supporters in the community program include community groups, government workers, and agencies. The stakeholders, such as the local government agencies, play an essential role in providing social amenities, enforcement of laws, management of program activities and services, and mass mobilization. Engaging stakeholders to gain support follows a strategy, which includes:
 Identify the stakeholders
 Get the stakeholders to communicate to one another, for instance, through a program meeting.
 Understand before being understood
 Listen
 Lead with integrity
 Engage the stakeholders in program estimates
 Manage expectations.
The prominent role of stakeholders in the program is to explore and share information about community history. Identify, and introduce activities that would benefit the program’s growth; for instance, community groups engage the community. Also, the stakeholders leverage technology and come up with the best solution for the program development.
Residents, funding agencies, neighborhood leaders, and community volunteers list stakeholders states by my peers in support of the garner program (Ceptureanu, et,al.,2018). The stakeholders align with the program and play an essential role in addressing ethics, diversity, and inclusion. For instance, the residents are critical since they experience a particular risk or a community issue handled by the program. On the other hand, community volunteers assist in conducting program activities, such as creating awareness and engaging the residents in communal activities, such as a collection of garbage.
Unit 6 Discussion 2
Funding is essential for program development. Some of the two primary sources of funds include federal agencies, crowdfunding, and funding foundations. One of the major requirements when asking for funding support includes writing a funding application, which states the main objective of the project as well as the requirements for the project. The federal agencies provide grants to eligible organizations and programs, where having a community program is an added advantage.
The program managers can hold a crowdfunding campaign and use several tools that assist in the process (Ceptureanu, et,al.,2018). For instance, the use of civic crowdfunding tools. Creating a video of the program, developing a market plan as well as sharing campaigns. Crowdfunding for community programs promotes public engagement, builds transparency and accountability of community members. On the other hand, charitable foundations assist widely, especially in purchasing necessary resources, where the organization must apply on their websites or at the foundation center.
The program must align with the founders to avoid issues in the future; for instance, the federal government may easily fund the program because the community program aims to boost the community’s welfare, which is one of the government’s obligations. On the other hand, the community program, along with the federal agency and charity foundations in improving life in the society, where government engagement supports the country economically, socially, and politically (Ceptureanu, et,al.,2018). On the other hand, crowdfunding promotes accountability and a close relationship between the program and the community members, promoting participation and engagement.
Additionally, crowdfunding creates room for more ideas and options from the community based on their needs. I would recommend the gurner team consider financial institutions, especially public financial institutions. The institutions can offer direct loans and grants mainly for a small community, such as five thousand people and more minor.

Borrowing from family and community is not a suitable funding option for the community program. Community programs are projects for the whole society, hence requires government assistance and community assistance because the program benefits community members and not family members or friends (Ceptureanu, et,al.,2018). However, the funding option does not align with the funder’s area of interest because the main attraction is to serve the community, not a particular group of people or ethnicity. Instead, I would recommend using charity foundations and government agencies for the benefit of the whole society and to reach a wider audience.

Ceptureanu, S. I., Ceptureanu, E. G., Luchian, C. E., & Luchian, I. (2018). Community based programs sustainability. A multidimensional analysis of sustainability factors. Sustainability, 10(3), 870.