VMWare is one of the leading providers of virtualization solutions. It offers a variety of products for desktop and server virtualization. VMWare makes many products such as VMWare server and data center products and VMWare desktop products. For this discussion, please respond to the following questions:

Describe VMWare infrastructure.
Evaluate the benefits of VMWare to the organization.
Compare and contrast VMWare with other virtualization products.
Remember to respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts as well. Start a discussion with them. Ask them questions! Be sure to answer any questions asked of you.
VMWare is one of the best providers of virtualization solutions and offers various products for desktop and server virtualization. VMware Infrastructure involves a full infrastructure virtualization suite that delivers comprehensive virtualization, management, resources optimization, application availability, and operational automation capabilities. The architecture of VMware Infrastructure comprises of Physical topology, virtual, logical, and view of VMware infrastructure involves components such as VMware ESX Server, VMware Virtual Machine File System, VMware Virtual Symmetric Multi-Processing, VirtualCenter Management Server, Virtual Infrastructure Client, Virtual Infrastructure Web Access and VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler.
VMWare offers benefits to the organization, which involves increased IT productivity and efficiency. The application of VMWare minimizes downtime, which in turn reduces capital and operating costs. As highly efficient virtual machines, multiple operating systems that from the single server offer increased application performance and faster provisioning of applications and resources. Virtualization by VMware offers the organization improved business continuity and disaster recovery as well as easily manageable simplified data center.
Hyper-V and VMware comprise of unique features that differentiate them from one another. In terms of architecture, the Microsoft Hyper-V has two modes, which are based on micro-kernelized hypervisors. On the other hand, VMware involves multiple components installed and set up, a suite of virtualization products when combined form a computing platform. In terms of management tools, VMware is managed by VMware vCenter. In contrast, Microsoft System Centre Virtual Machine Manager manages the Hyper-V. In storage deployment, the storage is abstract from the hardware, and all VM data is stored in a virtual disk file. Both platforms utilize virtual hard disks for information storage. For the Hyper-V, Virtual Hard Disk format is applied while for VMware Virtual machine disk.

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