Ethics In Nursing Discussion

Ethics In Nursing Discussion

Ethics In Nursing

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Ethics In Nursing Discussion
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1. Search the internet and learn about the cases of nurses Julie Thao and Kimberly Hiatt.

2. List and discuss lessons that you and all healthcare professionals can learn from these two cases.

3. Describe how the principle of beneficence and


the virtue of benevolence could be applied to these cases.

4. In addition to benevolence, which other virtues exhibited by their colleagues might have helped Thao and Hiatt?

5. Discuss personal virtues that might be helpful to second victims themselves to navigate the grieving process.



–> A minimum of one professional reference must be used to illustrate the ethical issue;
–> APA format must be utilized.
–> 1-2 pages
–> Professional journal (not more than 8 yrs old)