NR511 Hypothyroidism

NR511 Hypothyroidism


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NR511 Hypothyroidism
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Case: a 36 yo Patient visit clinic today complaining of weakness, fatigue, and depression. Patient stated to have history of Hypothyroidism and she is taking L-thyroxine 25 mcg daily. New order: serum TSH lab. Follow up in one week after laboratory test done.
One issue for self-directed learning as it relates to the case study is identified in the oral presentation and the student provides written research on the self-directed learning topic

The written portion of this assignment should be


prepared using the following guidelines:

The student’s findings of the self-directed learning topic must be completed on the “SNAPPS WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT TEMPLATE”
The report should be between 5-7 paragraphs in length, discussing something learned from the student’s research about the self-directed learning topic.
Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling should be observed.
In-text citations and reference page should be written in APA format and scholarly evidence-based medicine (EBM) references must be used. (resources within the last five years old)
Research is fully supported by at least three (3) appropriate, EBM, scholarly references (3 critical elements required