Nursing Discussion 1 Leadership Personality Traits

Nursing Discussion 1 Leadership Personality Traits

Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references:

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Nursing Discussion 1 Leadership Personality Traits
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Self-awareness is extremely important. It not only helps us understand ourselves, but also helps us work with other people. Self-awareness means we consciously understand our own emotions, behaviors, motives, desires, strengths, and weaknesses (Mindworks, n.d.). For example, a person with self-awareness would look at their past and learn from their mistakes. That person will try to understand what needs to change for positive outcomes in the future. With self-awareness leaders are capable of developing skills like teamwork, emotional self-control, and empathy. According to Lippincott (2018), “Self-awareness also


helps leaders link their emotions to the effectiveness of their interactions with others” (p. 2). Behaviors someone with strong self-awareness would have are: transparency, comfortable with emotions, asking for feedback, knowing his or her own limit and taking commitments according to them, admitting mistakes, flexible, and open to changes.

An example – One of your employees come to you upset. He is having family problems and its impacting him and the work negatively. Now the employee is crying in your office. As a person with strong self-awareness you would comfort the person. You would acknowledge the employee’s emotions and share your own experiences. After validating the person’s emotions, you provide suggestions that helped you in the past.


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