The American Cancer Society essay

The American Cancer Society essay

Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

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The American Cancer Society essay
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The American Cancer Society offers sustainable support and accessible information to patients who have been diagnosed with cancer in a variety of ways (American Cancer Society, 2018). One of the most valuable resources they offer is information about cancer generally, the treatment process, and answering any related questions about their recovery, treatments, and diagnosis. There is a hotline to call for this information at all times a day. They offer sustainable support by deliberating and discussing diagnosis with patients, loved ones, and caregivers. The ACS provides information on how and where to access care, educate on treatments modalities and side effects of therapy. They ACS educate on how medical and clinical trials work and assist in searching for exclusive and specific studies, one may be eligible to take part in. The ACS propose and offers education on how to manage treatment at home. Support is offered to individuals and families to help them handle or cope with the cancer diagnosis. Families and caregivers are correspondingly provided with information about FMLA, tips on how to pact or deal with loss, and comforting or palliative care. They equally organize and arrange transportation to treatment sites or center (ACS, 2018). Additionally, it is also imperative to know this organization offers a range of programs and services incorporating hair loss and mastectomy products,


assistance with advent or appearance during and following treatment, and an online support community. I would further, recommend the hotline for patients who may experience frightening symptoms at odd hours and want to ask questions about them to assess the necessity for medical services. (ACS, 2018).

2. There are variety or range of dynamics contribute to the yearly prevalence of incidence and mortality rates of various cancers in Americans. In precise, they are progressively and increasingly sedentary lifestyle amongst this present population, and these negative vices affect most of the Americans and are suffering and increasing mortality rate day by day due to cancer.There are other factors include use of tobacco use, smoking, alcohol, obesity, less physical activity, ethnicity and changes in population estimates. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation or engage in radioactivity and other related allied chemicals, eating processed food, eatingor consumption of unhealthy food products (Chen, 2011). More-so, Members of racial and ethnic minorities of poor socio-economic status are more likely to be highly affected by this disease. People who have higher incomes and health insurance are more likely to get tests that can find cancer early, and get the right treatment if cancer is found. People with a higher socioeconomic status (SES) often have higher cancer survival rates. To fix this concern, there needs to be regulations to reduce the exposure of the public to carcinogens. (ACS, 2018). This could be the provision of basic essential enmities like hospital, school and good water regulations and supply and clean air. It is pertinent for government to step in and create awareness on education to promote healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and exercise in home and schools.

3. One research project that is ongoing is called “Wearable, Painless Device May Help Personalize Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer” according to data and search and it is being carried out in Boston University (American Cancer Society, 2018). This takes advantage of fiber optics that are used for cable and other utilities, but as an imaging technique to see inside of breast tumors. This is thought to contribute to information an evidence-based scientific technology that will allow physicians to customize the doses of chemotherapy prescribed to patients to maximize treatment effects while minimizing uncomfortable and painful side effects.


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