Control obesity and weight management

Control obesity and weight management

Forum Objective: Prepare students for the Week 3 speech assignments

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Control obesity and weight management
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You do not have to record your Week 3 speech. Recording your speech is totally optional. Instead, you have the option of just posting your Powerpoint or a recorded narration of your Powerpoint. It is up to you. Just remember, however, to place your speech in the speaker notes.

If you want to know which citation style to use with your major, consult The APUS Library Style Guide for Majors.

Read the Week 3 Overview to learn more about how to make a speech.

For your Initial post:

Post an outline of your Week 3 speech. You


can attach your Power Point to your forum post or you can simply type out your Power Point speech structure like the example below. It is up to you. Take a look at this Power Point speech template Here is an example of a Power Point speech:

Structure of a Power Point Speech

Slide 1: Title Slide with your name

Slide 2: Put your main idea (thesis) with all three reasons. Smoking causes lung cancer, throat cancer and stomach cancer.

Slide 3: Smoking causes throat cancer. (3 bullets tops) Write what you want to say in the speaker notes.

Slide 4: Smoking causes lung cancer. (3 bullets tops)

Slide 5: Smoking causes stomach cancer (3 bullets tops)

Slide 6: Conclusion

Slide 7: Sources


“I am a nursing major. In the future, I want to practice nursing. Topics that I am interested in pursuing include obesity and weight management, death with dignity as well as palliative care. In my speech, I will explore how to control obesity and weight management. As a nursing major, it will be possible for me to interact with people of all ages and discuss with them the need to eat healthily. In my position paper, I will explore the benefits associated with death with dignity. It is important to note that death with dignity is beneficial as it allows the deceased die with dignity, it as well helps to conserve resources as well as reducing emotional trauma in the terminally ill patient. In the analysis paper, I will focus on the influence that training has on the delivery of services for palliative care patients.