The nursing sector paragraph

The nursing sector paragraph

Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

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The nursing sector paragraph
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Good recommendations. In addition, since she is a diabetic, it is important for her to have good glycemic and proper caloric control to promote wound healing (Collins & Sloan, 2013). Antibiotic therapy to treat the infection along with NSAIDS to decrease fever and swelling. Consult with


wound care physician to assess the tissue damage and possibly consider debridement of the affected tissue. Also, the wound care team can determine the type of treatment, dressings or possibly the application of a “wound vac” to promote wound healing from the inside out (Vacuum-assisted closure, n.d.). She needs to be under the care of a medical team either as an inpatient or out-patient home nursing care. A social worker consult is necessary prior to discharge to assess her home status to assure healthy outcomes. Having social worker involvement in her health care team will provide resources and education to her to assist her when she returns home with treatments, ADL’s, medications, transportation, and meals etc. (Medical social work n.d).


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