The scientific management theory

The scientific management theory

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The scientific management theory
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The scientific management theory seeks to improve an organizations efficiency by systematically improving the efficiency of task completion by utilizing scientific, engineering and mathematical analysis. Some of the routines that seem to be inefficient is communication. It’s vital to have open communication between management and front-line staff. The front-line staff is the professionals that provides direct patient care. With poor communication skills common mistakes and errors get missed and a floor or unit doesn’t function on safe levels. This will cause poor patient outcomes and safety hazards for staff and patients. When staff can’t communicate with their management they feel unappreciated and over worked. Its imperative for management to actively listen, follow up with staff and evaluate the unit. Staff retainment is also an issue in the profession of nursing. Many nurses are leaving their jobs due to burn out, poor pay scales, poor management and


feeling not valued. New nurses begin their careers excited and eager to learn, however there isn’t enough seasoned nurses on the unit to properly train them. This creates a barrier for learning and the new nurses loose interest or become afraid for their licensed. Many new nurses leave their jobs within a year. Currently, I work in a nineteen bed ICU, we have a leadership committee for our unit. This consist of ICU nurses, nursing assistants, doctors and our manager. They meet once a month to discuss the current issues and complaints made by our staff and patients. During each meeting interventions are created to improve our patient outcomes and address complaints from staff. I feel that this encourages staff to get involved in decision making and improve the standards of care for our patients. I have seen positive outcomes since this committee was started. For example, staff complained of feeling unappreciated. Now we have a comment box on our unit to recognize staff member for their dedication and hard work. Each quarter a staff member is recognized on our star board and rewarded with a gift card. Our manager also meets with the entire unit once a month to discuss educational classes offered, any current or unresolved issues and she gives everyone a chance to speak. It’s important to have great management and leadership skills. Without this the whole team will fail because there isn’t any one to lead.


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