Southwest Minnesota State University Mahjong Research Paper

Southwest Minnesota State University Mahjong Research Paper

Your assignment is to consider and write on an aspect of leisure or sports culture in China. You may select any topic which interests you (e.g., tea culture, board games, hiking, tourism, sports, opera, parks, museums, among any other conceivable possibility). The subject necessarily have to be a leisure activity we covered in class; however, your paper MUST explore this topic in the context of issues and themes we have encountered in the course. Your paper must examine of how the activity, past time, or undertaking exists as a leisure activity AND how it provides insights into the culture and history of China. When analyzing this leisure activity you should consider how one or more of the elements we have discussed in class (for example, the activity’s origins, evolution, participants, demographics, use of space—whether public or private, connections to national identity, global significance, and tensions among others) provide insight into broader cultural considerations.

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Southwest Minnesota State University Mahjong Research Paper
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You are reminded that this is not an opinion essay; I am


looking for your analysis of an activity and the insights it provides regarding the past and present culture and history of China. You should draw on the time and experiences you have had in the City of Chengdu, as well as course readings, and other material you find in the course of research. Your paper must have an introduction with a strong thesis statement that provides an answer to the question, a clear organizational structure with crisp topic sentences, a lucid conclusion, and proper source citations. In answering the prompt, you should include clear examples from the site you selected, as well as any other relevant material from the textbook, assigned readings, lectures, and class discussions.

Your paper must explore an aspect of sports and leisure in Chengdu, and how it has changed over the course of the twentieth century.The final paper must be 1250 to 1500 words(~5-7 pages) exclusive of citation.

* Note: your theme is set to be Mahjong