Team Diversity And Decision Making In Companies Discussions

Team Diversity And Decision Making In Companies Discussions

1)There are many approaches to decision making. Describe two circumstances where you would use two different approaches to Decision Making even though you manage the same staff group.

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Team Diversity And Decision Making In Companies Discussions
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2) Several approaches to leadership are described in this unit’s PPT/Text. Select
one and describe how it applies to your own leadership style

3) Creativity Approaches are described in the Text with an emphasis on how
to increase creativity in teams. Select one approach to increasing
creativity and how you would use it with one of the following groups in a
sports organization: A ticket sales team charged with increasing ticket
sales. A marketing team charged with getting more visibility for the
team in the local media. A facilities team that needs to needs to reduce
the trash left in the stadium after a game.

4) Think of an organization that you


are familiar with and discuss why it
has difficulty solving some of the fundamental problems that confront
the organization given the materials presented in the text and course

5) Managing Diversity is a key skill in Sports Organizations. The
handouts/text speak to several types of Diversity. Take three types of
Diversity and speak to how you would improve organizational performance
while increasing its Diversity.

6) Describe three ways which technology improves virtual teams and three ways technology might be a barrier to effective teams.

7) You are responsible for establishing a reward system for the marketing
team of a sports organization. Identify three ways that the team could
be rewarded for improved productivity. Discuss how each of the three
ways may or may not lead to team cohesiveness and productivity.

8)You are a head coach of a college team that has eight assistant
coaches/managers. A fundamental of job of the head coach is to build a
sense of commitment and build the coaching team. Discuss the specific
actions that you would take to build your coaching team and create an
alignment with your vision of what team effectiveness is.