Module 6 Ethnic Clustering

Module 6 Ethnic Clustering

Ethnic Clustering in Your Community

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Module 6 Ethnic Clustering
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In Chapter 7, you learned about ethnic clustering. You will apply this knowledge to your own community (city, town, small town, etc.)

In this assignment, you will investigate ethnic clustering in your community.

If you live in a very small town, or rural area, where ethnic clustering doesn’t occur, visit a bigger place such as Hamilton, OH, Cincinnati, OH, or any other


place of a similar size. Look for the signs of ethnic clustering. Describe your observations.

In your description, address the following questions:

Where did you go? Which ethnic, cultural group is dominant there?
Have you found ethnic clustering?
Why do you think most of the people in this area migrated to the United States? What do you think are the push/pull factors?
What landscape elements do you think give this area a distinctive appearance from surrounding areas? Be specific—describe buildings, architecture, spatial arrangement, clothing, types of stores, food, and music that you encounter.
Your paper should be at least 400 words.