Paper 2 – Content Analysis of Song Lyrics

Paper 2 – Content Analysis of Song Lyrics

Examine the lyrics to 1 song that has to do with a social issue or trend of your choice (ex: racism, gender, family, drug abuse, crime, etc.). You should use either “White Rabbit” (Jefferson Airplane), “One Tim Soldier” (Coven), or “Blowing in the Wind” (Bob Dylan). Write a report on the chosen song using the following as a starting point. What are the suggestions about the topic made by the lyrics?

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Paper 2 – Content Analysis of Song Lyrics
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What are themes of the lyrics? Use a sociological explanation in term so of perspective and key terms and concepts to discuss the songs importance as a social issue.

Structural Requirements

Students will need to cite their work in proper APA (or ASA) format. Paper will need to be a minimum of 3 full pages in length (see Syllabus). Your paper must be Double-spaced and follow all instructions included in your Syllabus. Your Reference page (Works Cited) is not included in page count and you need to cite the URL (Internet location) of the song lyrics, your text showing your use of theory, and at least one outside source.

Paper Organization:

Title Page – Do not include a Title Page.

Abstract – Do not use an abstract.

1) Why it is important to you?

2) Introduction – Includes information on the social issue or trend (statistics, history, social policies, social movement, etc.)

3) Body of the paper – Discussion of the lyrics

Short summary of each song’s lyrics (not more than 10% of the paper should be of the lyrics).

4) Discussion of the lyrics should include one of the following sociological theories/perspectives:

Conflict/Feminist perspective

Symbolic interactionism perspective

Functionalist perspective

5) Conclusion

What is the purpose of the song? What are the songwriters/artists attempting to tell to the listener? Give an example of what may have been learned from the song.

6) References Page – Should include the song, the textbook, and at least one outside source.